Our New Facility Opening July 2019

Click here to see progress on the building 

The District envisioned a high-tech facility on the high school’s campus fully equipped with features unique to their performing arts program. The new Performing Arts Center will serve as a beacon to the surrounding community by drawing patrons and supporters of the arts, and giving students the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas between various school programs and student cultures.

The design will include a promenade that links existing buildings with the new facility and enhances the accessibility to the Performing Arts Complex. The complex will showcase a main theater that accommodates 620 audience members with a supporting scene shop, costume storage, dressing rooms, concession stand, and ticket booth. The additional features will provide students with the opportunity to learn in new contexts, stimulate imagination and critical thinking, and connect with an enriched community.


some highlights:

  • 3 Different Performing Arts Spaces

  • 620-seat Auditorium

  • 200-seat Flexible Blackbox

  • 250-seat Pitlockry Hall

  • Scene Shop & Storage

  • Costume Shop & Storage

  • Prop Storage

  • Make-Up & Wig Storage

  • Green Room

  • Large Restrooms

  • Dressing Rooms

  • State-of-the-Art Theater Technology

  • Spacious Lobby Areas

  • Concession/Coffee Shop

  • Art Spaces

  • Front-facing Box Office